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How May We Help You?

Our services are customized to help you become successfully self employed.

Most people stress at the thought of taxes.  You don't have to!!  Infinity Accounting specializes in individual and business tax returns.

With proper bookkeeping throughout the year you will have the records needed to prepare your tax return without the anxiety, stress or worry.  Relax and let us take care of your business for you!  The awesome part is, you never have to leave the comfort of your home.  We can provide this service 100% virtual.



We will accurately prepare the tax returns by following the tax law mandated by the IRS.


Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions. These transactions include sales, purchases, bill payments and income. Bookkeeping is a requirement by the IRS for serious business owners. This function is more than just recording your income and expenses.  Bookkeeping tells a story about the financial health of your business.  It will tell you if you are profitable or if you need to make immediate adjustments.

This is a lot for a business owner to take on so, free yourself and trust a professional!!

Our bookkeeping services are 100% virtual!


Entity Formation


Starting a new business?  Which business entity is best for you?  Most business owners have no idea which structure will give them the best tax benefit.  


Infinity Accounting will assist you with choosing the structure that best suits your needs and give you the best tax benefit.  Your options are:


Limited Liability Company (LLC)

C Corporations

S Corporations


Sole Proprietorships


We offer more services to assist you on your journey.

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