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August is National Black Business Month

Did you know that August was National Black Business Month?? I had no idea about this until a couple of weeks ago.

Since it is August, there’s no better time than now to shine a spotlight on Black-owned businesses, big and small, right here in our community.

I have been thinking of ways to support our Black-owned business community as one small way to support the work we need to continue as a country.

I’ve pulled together several websites and apps to help you locate, check out, and support resilient and ingenious business owners.

  • WeBuyBlack: WeBuyBlack is the largest online marketplace for Black-owned businesses.

  • EatOkra: EatOkra has been around since 2016, but its popularity has been exploding as of late. The app is a free directory that helps people find black-owned restaurants and food trucks in over 20 major cities. To date, the app lists over 2,500 locations.

  • Black Business Green Book: Black Business Green Book is a directory to help you find Black businesses to patronize.

  • Support Black Owned: Support Black Owned is a search-engine for Black-owned businesses. Use the SBO app or website to find a company through the state search, category search, or other site search options.

You can also support Black-owned businesses by leaving positive online reviews, sharing and engaging on social media, purchasing gift cards, and donating to organizations that support Black business owners. You may also want to check out the Fifteen Percent Pledge and sign the petition.

Let’s support local Black-owned businesses this month and beyond. I will be, and I hope you’ll join me.


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